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today I should have stayed in bed....

Vom: 20.4.07 00:57


Musik: Sir Elwoodin hiljaiset värit - Älä itke

Heut gibts eigentlich nichts zu sagen, als dass was der titel sagt...

My head is full, but I think nothing....

some days are too much....too much from everything! i don't if somebody understands what I mean...tomorrow the sun is shinin again! i know it! but now it rains and i'll go to bed!

"Back where I once started
Trying my luck again
Now I've got my heart set
On a better day
Who's to say what's waiting
Just around the bend
Can't do more than hope
And pray for a happy end

So I'm alone again
Trying to find a ticket
To the next train
To the next train
I'm on my own again
Waiting in line for a new
New beginning"

"no matter if it's right or wrong this time
we gotta leave the past behind
there is nothing more to say
so goodbye to yesterday
standing at the port of no return
as the tears run down my face
no turning back
i wonder that
so goodbye to yesterday..."

It is right that we have spoken about that, but in moment it hurts! A new beginning is the right way!!!! M.T.S.!!!!


1.5.08 18:09

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